Cup $3.49 // Bowl $4.25

Half Sandwich or Slice of Quiche // $7.99
with Cup of Soup or Salad

Soup & Small Spinach Salad // $7.99

House Salad // $6.99
Four lettuce blend, tomato, red onion, parm cheese, tossed with sisters sweet herb vinaigrette
Side Salad // $3.49

Chef's Salad // $7.99
Our house salad topped with ham, turkey and

Spinach Salad // $8.99
Spinach with four lettuce blend, mushrooms, red onion, and egg tossed with hot bacon dressing

Beef & Blue Salad // $11.99
Four lettuce blend topped with red onions,
tomatoes, parm cheese, sisters sweet herb vinaigrette, tender roast beef rolled
with blue cheese tossed with date balsamic vinegar


Choose From:


Macaroni Salad

Deviled Eggs

- upgrade sides for $2.00 -



German Potato


Roast Beef and Cheddar // $7.99
On jalapeno cheddar bread

3 Meat Italian // $7.99
Ham, salami, and pepperoni on herb focaccia

Ham & Swiss // $7.99
On white or wheat

Albacore Tuna // $7.99
On wheat

Chicken Salad // $7.99
On herb focaccia

Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese // $7.99
On white, wheat, or veggie bread

BLTA // $7.99
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, & Avocado

On white, wheat, or veggie bread

Turkey Turkey // $7.99
Smoked Turkey & Turkey Bacon

With herb mayo on spinach and fetta focaccia

Classic Club // $8.99
Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato
With herb mayo on white or wheat

Cobb // $9.99
Ham, Chicken, Bacon, Lettuce,  Tomato, Egg & Avocado
With blue jack cheese on white, wheat or veggie bread

Corned Beef on Rye // $8.99
With brown mustard and swiss cheese


Grilled Cheese // $7.99
With 3 cheeses on white, wheat or veggie bread

Roast Beef & Blue Jack Cheese // $8.99
On wheat

Grilled Ham & Swiss // $8.99
On white, wheat or veggie bread

Grilled Cheese with Pepperoni // $8.99
On white, wheat or herb focaccia

Classic Reuben // $9.99
Corned Beef, Swiss Cheese and Sauce
With sisters thousand island dressing on Russian rye

Super Grilled Cheese // $9.99
With Tomato Dipping Sauce on herb focaccia



Tortellini Carbonara // $8.99

Baked Mostacciolli // $8.99

Spaghetti Marinara // $8.99

Cheese Ravioli // $8.99


Veggie LTSO // $7.99
Lettuce, tomato, spinach and onions with bistro sauce and microgreens on veggie bread

Hummus Plate // $7.99
Roasted red pepper and regular hummus, broccoli, celery, carrots, cucumbers, and tomatoes with crackers and pita crackers

The Vegenator // $8.99
LTSO, avocado, hummus, cucumbers, squash and microgreens on veggie bread

Garbanzo Bean Salad // $8.99
Garbanzo beans, tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, black olives, corn, bell peppers, house dressing, microgreens, parsley and black beans on four lettuce blend